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Brian Mooney – President IGC 2001-2006

presidentBrian Mooney is the President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and has been involved in Education for thirty years. Brian was educated in Oatlands College, Mount Merrion, at Mater Dei and at UCD. While in College he was an elected member of the student’s union executive, as well as an active member of many college societies. He served as services officer to the students union, managing their various retail outlets across the campus, a role he remained associated with, on a consultancy basis for almost twenty years after graduation. Brian was an active member of the College debating society, the L&H, serving as treasurer in 1975.  Following the completion of a BA in Politics, Economics, and Philosophy in UCD, he returned in 1976 to teach in his alma mater, Oatlands, where he has worked as a teacher and Guidance Counsellor to this day.

From his earliest teaching days, Brian was involved in developing in-service for his fellow teachers of religious education in the south Dublin area. He also taught a range of business subjects during those years. He returned to Mater Dei in the early nineteen eighties, as coordinator of their post-graduate diploma in Religious Education programme. In 1985 he commenced lecturing on Educational Pedagogy and Methodology on the Higher Diploma in Religious Education in UCD, and shortly afterwards was appointed course coordinator and directed the programme for almost twenty years. He guided the ratification of a new masters in religious education programme, through the academic council and governing body of UCD, during his latter years as course director.

Brian began a change in career direction in 1995, when he studied for the Higher Diploma in Guidance Counselling in UCD. He was appointed to the post of Guidance Counsellor in Oatlands College in 1998, and was elected as President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors three years later in 2001, a post he was re-elected to in 2004 for a further two years.

Brian is also an author of a number of books, published by Marino Press in 1999 and 2001. His first book was a parent’s guide to facilitating their child’s successful journey through the education system. His second book was a guide to adults, in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, in the Ireland of the Celtic Tiger.

Brian has been s a contributor on educational issues for the Irish media both print and broadcast for many years, and contributes to both radio and television programmes on a regular basis. He is currently an educational columnist with the Irish Times, writing a weekly column throughout the year and a daily column during the CAO season in January and during the results season in August each year.

Brian has over the years, served on numerous state boards associated with education, and is currently working on a range of issues and projects with the DES, NCGE, NCCA, UCD, FORFAS, and NEPS.

Brian was appointed in December 2005 by the Minister for Education and
Science Ms Mary Hanafin to the New Education Finance Board for Former
Residents of Certain Institutions and their Families.