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01 September 2009

Statement issued by Guidance Inspectors on SPHE

Guidance and SPHE – DES position.

“Since guidance is a whole-school responsibility and SPHE is an integral part of the school’s provision of personal and social education, the Department of Education and Science recognises that an overlap exists between SPHE and Guidance (see page 9 of Guidelines for Second Level Schools on the Implications of Section 9(c) of the Education Act 1998, relating to students' access to appropriate guidance).  Consequently, the Department supports the involvement of guidance counsellors in the planning of SPHE and in the delivery of those aspects of the programme that appropriately belong to the whole school guidance plan. 

Adopting a modular approach to the delivery of SPHE is recommended as one way in which the aspects of Guidance and SPHE that overlap can be successfully delivered to students.  Team teaching can also work well. 

However, delivery of the full SPHE programme to any class group out of the school’s ex-quota guidance allocation is neither desirable nor appropriate.  The advice and recommendations issued to schools by the inspectors of guidance in the course of their evaluation work, and otherwise, will reflect this position. “