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03 December 2013




The student grant awarding body, SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland), has so far awarded grants to 52,000 students for this academic year 2013/2014.  Of these, 32,000 are first time applicants and 20,000 are students who have renewed their grants with SUSI.

SUSI has given final decisions on all completed applications received and is now awaiting documents and additional information from 11,000 students of whom it is expected 2,000 students will not proceed with their applications.

SUSI has also processed 10,000 late applications which were received right up until the final closing date on 20th November.

Students are urged to send in all requested documents as quickly as possible so that SUSI can move to a final decision on their applications.  Once these documents are sent in complete to SUSI, students will have to wait no longer than two weeks to get a final decision on their grant. 

Because of improvements to its system, SUSI is finalising grant applications two months ahead of this time last year. 48,000 students are already receiving payment and the remainder of those awarded will be paid as soon as their colleges confirm that they are registered and attending.

SUSI expects to award a total of 60,000 grants for this academic year – 40,000 of them to new applicants.

Urgent call for documents

For those students who are proceeding with their applications, SUSI is calling, in particular, for the following documents to be returned:

  • For the self-employed and farming households, a Notice of Assessment of Income for 2012 from Revenue is required. Without this document, their applications cannot be finally assessed.

·        For those applicants who have applied as independent students, the correct documents to prove independent living should be sent in.

  • For students who have attended  but not completed any course or have completed a course and hold a qualification, evidence of previous education is required

·        Proof that applicants have been resident in Ireland or another EU country for three out of the last five years.

More information on the type of documents accepted can be found on

Final Course Acceptance Forms - reminder

SUSI is still waiting for students who have been provisionally awarded their grants pending confirmation of course and college details to send in a completed  Final Course  Acceptance  (FCA) form.  Without this form, which shows that the student is attending an approved course in an approved college, SUSI cannot pay them their grants. The form can be completed and submitted in a matter of minutes online at   Once this document is in, the award can be finally confirmed and SUSI can notify the relevant college that an applicant  has  been awarded a grant. The college can then confirm that the student is registered and attending. Only then can a grant be paid.

Students will receive payment provided they have:

  • Received an award letter from SUSI or had their grant renewed
  • Sent in an FCA form
  • Registered with their college for the new academic year
  • Been confirmed by their college to SUSI as having registered
  • Given SUSI their bank details.

More details can be found under Payments on


Additional payment dates have been put in place to ensure that students get paid as early as possible. The earliest that payments could be made was during October, when colleges began confirming that students were attending their courses. More details on payments can be found on

The SUSI helpline number is 0761 087874.  Email: